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Laura Calder French Food At Home French Soup 6m 31s 104 66518
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I anderdstand what she says, she has a very good pronunciation for a non native speaker like me.
Hey Boner Police,
Ya I'm guilty.
She is hot...i like her pairs !!
I love you Laura! She should cook at The HuskyTruck Stops
her tits look more delicious than the soup..
Holy... Marry me please!
@xKJAl lmao oh yes that too
@LeonardoNasir and shes got a nice pair of twins
@Avalita07 I really like her cooking show though.But I had to say something this is my only chance.LOL She is pretty though.
Cook at high heat until it's done? C'mon Laura, help us out here. Are we supposed to guess?? I don't like her hair style here in these older shows. She is much hotter now! Lol! Beautiful women. And smart too. Has degrees from 3 different schools. And one is a bussiness degree. You go Laura!
One reason why I like Laura Calder is because she pronounces words properly. For instance, she says "herbs" instead of "erbs," or "risotto" instead of "risohtto." That is so comforting.
Laura, that would be a butternut squash and you should try it with apples. I grew a few plants this past summer and enjoyed a bountiful harvest. I even had one vine grow up one of my outdoor water pipes so i tied it up and got the most beautiful speciman. Cooked in a pot or baked in the oven, deeelicious...Change that, scrumptious!
nice panties 3:43
With the proliferation of cooking shows of all these so called TV chefs, it is so refreshing to see someone with solid culinary skills have their own show. Those that don't know will criticize Laura and sing the praises of Rachel, Martha & Paula.
Marry me Laura..i cook
no. shes delicious
Laura is made for tv. She has a natural flow about her, she's never ever ever has awkward moments like Rachael Ray haha I know I know, you can't compare her to Laura! That woman is in a class of her own, and she's got class. I could watch this show aaaall day long. Makes me feel warm, cozy and care free.
Nothing too heavy before we make love Laura mmm!
"Ooooo" 2:59 I think she can sing. No, really!